Tegalluar Apartment: The Future Of Integrated Living​




Bandung, Indonesia





Project Details

In the bustling metropolis of Bandung, a new icon emerges as promising a future of integrated living. Spearheaded by Svein and a team of collaborative experts, this innovative project seamlessly intertwines with public transportation modes and embraces sustainable design principles.

The Needs

The integration of Tegal Luar Apartment with the KCIC (Kereta Cepat Indonesia China) solidifies its status as a modern living beacon. This integration will offer residents unparalleled connectivity, linking them seamlessly to critical destinations within and beyond Bandung. The perfect blend of convenience and sustainability positions Tegal Luar Apartment as a model for future regional urban developments.

Perumnas spearheads a grand project, but it’s challenging. The project requires a design that captivates and can be executed within tight timelines. That’s where Svein comes in. With this expertise, Svein quickly assembled a team of talented artists to streamline the design process and deliver a captivating vision. Together, it brought Perumnas’ grand vision to life – on time and with stunning results.

What We Do

It’s impressive to see what a talented team can accomplish when they work together towards a common goal. Svein brings up Perumnas’ vision of making artists collaborate to make it efficient to catch up with tight deadlines. With this collaboration, the design can be optimized by details and combined to be a masterpiece.

This project came in the form of a 3D building, so Svein helped to develop the design in line with the concept of green building. For creating the facade design, Svein used Buildify to generate and optimise the apartment. This optimisation also gives Svein more time to develop the visuals, making meeting such a tight deadline more efficient.

The success of Apartment Tegal Luar serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping our urban landscape. As cities evolve and grow, projects like these pave the way for a more sustainable and interconnected future. With Svein at the helm, Apartment Tegal Luar is a testament to integrated living and a beacon of hope for the future.

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