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The Pakubuwono Nusantara



About Project

The Pakubuwono Nusantara is a towering green residence situated in Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN). The residence is located in the West Residence of IKN and employs modern and eco-friendly technology. The Pakubuwono Nusantara is not only designed to cater to local Indonesian citizens but also to serve as an international benchmark for vertical residences and accommodating international guests.

The botanical garden is connected to the Pakubuwono Nusantara, allowing for the seamless integration of green buildings and the natural environment. The Pakubuwono Nusantara is built with design strategies that focus on communal spaces, compact and smart living, green living, and future village concepts.

The Pakubuwono Nusantara comprises two towers, with each tower incorporating sustainable design elements in the building programs like the hotel, service apartment, and retail units.

Our Mission

They aim to showcase the design resemblances between nature of IKN with green building with big theme as ‘homeland’. The goal is to highlight the location and landscape of The Pakubuwono area with the botanical garden and the National Palace, blending seamlessly with the nature but still being the vocal point for the residence area of IKN.

Reaction Plan

We are absolutely thrilled to showcase the beautiful design of this project. Our mission is not only to create good visuals but also how the visuals can be delivered if this project has values ​​and a mission that is good for the environment. We want to make a good green residential experience inclusive and become one of IKN’s green building icons.

The Making of the Project

We are thrilled to be working with our Urban+ friends on this incredible project! The design is breathtaking, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. Even though we have a tight deadline, we are confident in our ability to deliver stunning visuals within the next 1.5 weeks. We are excited about this challenge and can’t wait to see the final result!

Our challenge is… How do we develop an immersive visual within 1.5 weeks deadline?

We believe there are many ways to approach many things. It’s not just about design constraints, but time limits can also be overcome! It may sound exaggerated, but these limitations are the challenges for us to grow and work our magic! With limited time, we optimize project execution by forming teams with diverse expertise. We also optimize our engine by implementing efficiencies, such as using plug-ins and various rendering methods to lighten the workload. With these efficiencies, we can execute the brief more quickly and handle objections encountered during the process on time. So, our workflow becomes more efficient, and we are happy to have completed this project in just 1.5 weeks!

However, despite the speed, our next challenge is… How we maintain the best quality through the optimizations. Actually, the answer is quite similar with the other projects we made. These are things we do to maintain the best quality, even in the nick of time.

Efficient workflow

Svein has gone through many challenges and finally was able to find a very optimal workflow that made it possible to do it quickly. Starting from the incoming data brief, it is then delegated by the project manager so that it can reach the artist well and is easy to understand and execute. Likewise, when production is finished, it will still go through the Quality Control stage to ensure progress can be delivered properly.

Assets that have been optimized

Technically, the assets we use have been prepared by the engineering team so they are ready for use. so that it can simplify and lighten the artist’s process in working on projects.

Best Engine

In terms of engines, we are very capable of producing bureau class image production standards. so there will be no engine problems. FYI, to render the image above at 5000px quality, it only took us around 30 minutes or even faster!

Artist quality

Don’t forget our Artist Quality! they have rich and varied skills so they can overcome various existing challenges. Each of them also has high initiative, so they are able to improvise on any problems they find. Make every existing project complete on time and with the desired quality.

Clear communication

and last but not least is communication! this is one of the crucial things in Svein! communication between each element that is part of the project. What we avoid is miscommunication and mismatches with the brief, as much as possible we minimize this through communication.

And of course one form of clear communication includes the client’s contribution to providing a clear brief both in terms of references and project data.

"Even in the nick of time, with efficient workflow, even the impossibles can be the best possible one."

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