Negeri Seribu Pulau: Experiencing The Diverse Beauty Of A Masterplan​




Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia


Masterplan Negeri Seribu Pulau



Project Details

Discover an exquisite resort masterplan nestled in the Thousand Islands, Jakarta, comprised of 10 islands forming a cluster, evolving into a hidden gem just north of Jakarta. Svein showcases the travel experience and the masterplan area through captivating images and animations.

The Needs

The Thousand Islands are synonymous with abundant natural tourism potential. AECOM has conceptualised resort islands within a masterplan that needs to be highlighted, exploring how these resort islands and nature can captivate and attract tourists.

What We Do

AECOM meticulously designs resorts with distinct themes on each island, emphasising detailed area planning. On the flip side, Svein spotlights this masterplan design by adopting a bird’s-eye view to accentuate the unique characteristics of each island and the island activities as the narrative behind the design unfolds.

The true beauty of an archipelago is often best experienced when viewed from a specific height. Svein captures the breathtaking panorama of the islands from a bird’s-eye view, weaving a tale about the landscapes beyond the clouds. Choosing angles from within an aircraft, Svein discovers a hidden gem—an archipelago newly unveiled.

The composition within an image is a crucial element of beauty. Employing a top-down perspective, Svein captures the unity of the island design, simultaneously showcasing the mesmerising masterplan scenery that captivates the eyes of passengers observing from the plane’s altitude.

Resorts and water recreation facilities are brought to life in greater detail through a semi-bird’s-eye view. Through this perspective, Svein aims to spotlight the joy and delight awaiting audiences for a vacation.

Focusing on the main island as the tourism hub, surrounded by resort islands, Svein highlights the beauty and integrated water activities and island getaways, forming an exclusive area for tourism.

The Kit

Unlocking the full potential of an immersive masterplan involves strategic optimizations aimed at streamlining the process. It begins with model preparation, where the building model is lightened by subtracting unnecessary surfaces and vertices.

The integration of low-poly objects plays a pivotal role in optimising models for efficiency and highlighting the context. Using geo-node to enhance green scenery in the island objects, creating the natural look island you’ve experienced from 3000 feet above.

Some materials, like the cloud and the sea, are being shaded with a shader editor. Edited as material, this step helps enhance the material textures and also gives much time to focus on the other details.

In masterplan creation, a critical element is ensuring that the object area seamlessly fits into the frame. This simple yet crucial step transforms a regular masterplan into a mesmerising masterpiece. 

Partnered with AECOM Indonesia, Svein’s 2023 project unveils a captivating blend of unique islands, designed to showcase the diverse beauty of Kepulauan Seribu. Delving into the technical aspects of Svein’s optimization kit, from model preparation to low-poly object integration and shader-enhanced materials, Svein unlocks the full potential of masterplan creation.

Craft your experience with our immersive masterplan – your gateway to the diverse beauty of Negeri Seribu Pulau. Seize the opportunity, and let your journey begin!

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