Congo's Visionary Journey: Forging a Future Smart City, Harmonizing Nature and Innovation through Octan Energy


Alien DC


Congo, Africa


Congo Smart City Masterplan



In a groundbreaking collaboration that fuses architectural ingenuity with cutting-edge visualization, Alien Design Consultant (Indonesia), known for its avant-garde design concepts, and Svein Indonesia, a pioneer in visualization, have joined forces to craft a visionary 3D CGI project. This immersive journey unfolds the transformative narrative of Congo as a smart city, seamlessly blending the allure of nature with the technological marvels of the future, all powered by the revolutionary Octan energy source.

The Genesis of a CGI Masterpiece:

The CGI project is a testament to the creative synergy between Alien Design Consultant and Svein Indonesia. From the drawing board to the digital canvas, their collaboration breathes life into the future smart city of Congo, a city where architecture and visualization converge seamlessly.

Octan Energy: The Catalyst for Innovation:

At the heart of this CGI masterpiece lies the visionary use of Octan as the city’s primary energy source. Alien Design Consultant’s architectural prowess lays the groundwork for sustainable infrastructure. At the same time, Svein Indonesia’s visualization expertise brings Octan to life in the digital realm, symbolizing a commitment to clean and efficient energy.

Bridging Nature and Technology:

The CGI narrative crafted by Alien Design Consultant and brought to life by Svein Indonesia encapsulates the essence of harmonizing nature and technology. Striking a balance between urban development and natural beauty, the project envisions a smart city where lush greenery seamlessly integrates with futuristic cityscapes, creating an environment that celebrates both progress and nature.

Architectural Wonders in Virtual Reality:

The collaboration unfolds in the virtual streets of Congo’s future smart city, showcasing architectural wonders designed by Alien Design Consultant. The CGI project brings forth a cityscape where sleek, sustainable structures coexist with vibrant green spaces, setting the stage for a utopian urban

Smart Living Reimagined:

Svein Indonesia’s visualization expertise takes viewers into the homes of the smart city’s inhabitants. Smart living is reimagined with automation, energy-efficient systems, and seamless integration of Octan energy, illustrating a lifestyle where technology enhances daily living without compromising the environment.

Biodiversity Conservation in Digital Detail:

Beyond the city limits, the CGI narrative extends to the outskirts, illustrating Alien Design Consultant’s commitment to preserving Congo’s rich biodiversity. Svein Indonesia’s visualization prowess captures the delicate balance between urbanization and conservation, underscoring the collaborative dedication to environmental stewardship.

Nightfall in the Smart City:

As night descends, Svein Indonesia’s visualization expertise paints a vivid picture of the smart city illuminated by Octan-powered lights. The CGI spectacle transforms the cityscape into a vibrant tapestry of sustainable and eco-friendly lighting, showcasing the collaborative commitment to a future where technology coexists harmoniously with nature.

Electric Mobility in the Digital Realm:

The CGI animation seamlessly integrates Octan-powered electric vehicles designed by Alien Design Consultant, navigating the smart city streets envisioned by Svein Indonesia. The result is a dynamic and efficient urban mobility experience, symbolizing a commitment to a cleaner and healthier urban environment.

In this unprecedented collaboration, Alien Design Consultant and Svein Indonesia have crafted a 3D CGI opus beyond visual aesthetics. It is a symphony of design and visualization, envisioning Congo’s evolution into a smart city where nature and technology dance in unison. This collaborative endeavor not only redefines urban living in the digital era but sets a global standard for the harmonious integration of architecture, visualization, and sustainable energy in the smart cities of the future.

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