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Negeri Seribu Pulau



About Project

Negeri Seribu Pulau is an integrated Gateway Island Destination in Northern Jakarta. The site is located in the Kepulauan Seribu, 30 minutes from Jakarta. Negeri Seribu Pulau site is part of the 13 latest indonesia’s National Strategy Project (PSN). The site is surrounded by besutiful nature and clear oceans, significant aspects of the tourism destination.


Negeri Seribu Pulau Master Plan consists of 10 islands within two thematic clusters, the East Cluster (Seribu Impian) and West Cluster (Seribu Samudra). The East Cluster Is envisioned to be a vibrant and entertaining resort destination. Meanwhile, the West Cluster offers a tranquil resort experience.


The East Cluster or Seribu Impian consists of 6 thematic islands. Each island has various programs and facilities, including luxury resort hoteis, villas, service aportments, retails, beach clubs, and supporting facilities. As a gateway island destination and entertainment cluster, the East Cluster is dominant with attraction programs, for instance, underwater adventure theme parks, aquariums, recreation beaches, and vibrant commercial areas.


The Weat Cluster or Seribu Samudra consists of 4 thematic islands, Each island is envisioned as a high-end, luxury resort destination with a tranquil resort atmosphere. As an integrated resort cluster, the West Cluster offers various resort and residential programs supported by luxury commercial areas and nature-based attractions, for instance, beaches, lagoons, and gardens.

Our Mission

They aim to showcase the untouched natural beauty and allure that can captivate tourists, alongside highlighting the comprehensive facilities available on both islands. Their goal is to highlight the natural potential of the islands as a tourist destination, emphasizing the unique blend of natural wonders and modern amenities that await visitors.

Reaction Plan

We are absolutely thrilled to showcase the incredible variety of experiences that make this project so impressive! Our mission is all about discovering the perfect harmony, not only showcasing the project’s fantastic features but also the breathtaking natural surroundings of the Thousand Islands. Through our efforts, we aim to create an immersive experience that celebrates the incredible array of adventures while keeping the focus on the awe-inspiring beauty that makes the Thousand Islands an absolutely amazing destination.

The Making of the Project

We are very happy to have the opportunity from AECOM friends to help them visualize this Thousand Islands Country project. which makes us very excited to work on it because this project is very large in area with a total area of ​​approximately 180 hectares and has lots of features in it!

Our first challenge is

How do we develop an image with such a large model area?


In our opinion, nothing is impossible in Svein. 

no matter what we try to make everything have a chance to be realized! Our challenge in working on this project is how to carry out a project of this size in great detail. Maybe we can answer simply, namely dividing the portion of tasks according to the potential of each existing man power.

Please note that in one team not everyone has the same abilities. In fact, that is the strength of the Svein team so that each of the objectives given is more focused and optimal.

we divide each element in the image to be delegated separately. We divide it into several elements, namely model preparation, preparing angles, sorting assets, finding references, and so on. So in one project it can be done collaboratively by 4 or even 6 people depending on the scope of the project. so nothing is impossible.. hahaha!! because every element is handled in a focused and optimal manner.

Then another challenge awaits

How long do we need to produce an extra large BEV image?

To explain, the actual duration is quite varied, but usually each phase we can complete 1 project in just 1 day with extra large BEV coverage. Why is it so fast?

Efficient workflow

Svein has gone through many challenges and finally was able to find a very optimal workflow that made it possible to do it quickly. Starting from the incoming data brief, it is then delegated by the project manager so that it can reach the artist well and is easy to understand and execute. Likewise, when production is finished, it will still go through the Quality Control stage to ensure progress can be delivered properly.

Assets that have been optimized

Technically, the assets we use have been prepared by the engineering team so they are ready for use. so that it can simplify and lighten the artist’s process in working on projects.

Best Engine

In terms of engines, we are very capable of producing bureau class image production standards. so there will be no engine problems. FYI, to render the image above at 5000px quality, it only took us around 30 minutes or even faster!

Artist quality

Don’t forget our Artist Quality! they have rich and varied skills so they can overcome various existing challenges. Each of them also has high initiative, so they are able to improvise on any problems they find. Make every existing project complete on time and with the desired quality.

Clear communication

and last but not least is communication! this is one of the crucial things in Svein! communication between each element that is part of the project. What we avoid is miscommunication and mismatches with the brief, as much as possible we minimize this through communication.

And of course one form of clear communication includes the client’s contribution to providing a clear brief both in terms of references and project data.

"The experience we provide is not only in the story of the images we create, but we also provide an experience for you using good and fun interpersonal service!"

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