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About Project

We often receive projects that are still in the development stage, particularly in terms of design. Our goal is to assist our fellow architects by providing visualizations of each stage of the design process and various design options. These visuals are invaluable for the presentation process, enabling our colleagues to effectively communicate and refine their ideas.

Reaction Plan

We try to prepare everything that is essential first so that later every design update that is made will not interfere with the image development process. Come see what we have prepared!

The Making of the Project

Almost every architect feels design changes, right? that’s one of the things we serve as friends of architects! We really understand how a design changes, so we know you definitely need help to present your design as well as possible, right? OK, let’s see how Artist Svein fulfills and adapts the needs of our fellow architects.

BNI Office
BNI Office

Create existing areas

Existing is an area that is quite crucial to describe where the project is located. So one of the things we will make first is the existing area first while waiting for the progress of the building design that we want to present. We do this to make it more efficient. If the environment around the building is complete and good, if there is a design change we only need to replace or adjust the building or design without changing the surrounding environment again. So, if there are design changes, visualization will be done quickly too!

Do detailing

So maybe the question that will arise is “so what about the details?”. Just calm down! This is one of the reasons why we prioritize the existing area first, if later the building design has been confirmed for us to build the image, we will actually have more time for detailing. So, there won’t be any details left! there’s nothing you have to worry about! trust me! ha ha ha

BNI Office

"we know what you need, that's why we understand what we have to do! trust me..."

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