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Apartment Tegalluar



About Project

The Tegalluar Apartment, situated in the vibrant city of Bandung, Indonesia, boasts a prime location. Nestled near the Tegalluar High-Speed Train Station and the iconic Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, this apartment offers not just a home but a lifestyle of convenience and accessibility. The surrounding area is teeming with life, offering residents a plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the city’s cultural treasures, the Tegalluar Apartment provides the perfect base for your adventures in Bandung.

Our Mission

We have a mission to assist in designing the design concept for the Tegalluar apartment building, wherein we aim to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building but also to create a functional and sustainable living space. Additionally, our task involves highlighting and showcasing the various areas and features surrounding the building, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhood and its amenities.

Reaction Plan

To make the design process easier, we rely on the valuable input of our client friends to assist in selecting references. This collaboration ensures that the final design aligns with their expectations. We greatly appreciate when client friends and the team at Artist at Svein communicate effectively, as it enhances the success of the project. Given the challenges of this endeavor, designing promptly is essential. Therefore, we prioritize efficient processes and clear communication to achieve our goals effectively.

The Making of the Project

Designing is one of the fun challenges for us at Svein! For your information, not all existing teams have an architectural educational background. But that doesn’t mean you don’t understand design! hahaha… some of our teams have compositions prepared to be ready for every project condition.


So, we ensure that each team has at least one person with an architectural background to ensure the architectural details are correct, one person with a modeling background to support model needs so that they can be provided quickly, and one pure artist to help ensure the rendering quality can be maintained. well.


With a team composition like that, we can ensure that whatever condition the project we get can run well and we hope it can meet the expectations of our clients! We want you to be happy, because that’s the reason we are happy too!

Our other challenge is how can we still work quickly? although there is an additional objective, namely, visualizing the design concept…

The answer is still not too different from other project challenges… let’s try breaking it down again!

Efficient workflow

Svein has gone through many challenges and finally was able to find a very optimal workflow that made it possible to do it quickly. Starting from the incoming data brief, it is then delegated by the project manager so that it can reach the artist well and is easy to understand and execute. Likewise, when production is finished, it will still go through the Quality Control stage to ensure progress can be delivered properly.


Assets that have been optimized

Technically, the assets we use have been prepared by the engineering team so they are ready for use. so that it can simplify and lighten the artist’s process in working on projects.


Best Engine

In terms of engines, we are very capable of producing bureau class image production standards. so there will be no engine problems. FYI, to render the image above at 5000px quality, it only took us around 30 minutes or even faster!

Artist quality

Don’t forget our Artist Quality! they have rich and varied skills so they can overcome various existing challenges. Each of them also has high initiative, so they are able to improvise on any problems they find. Make every existing project complete on time and with the desired quality.


Clear communication

and last but not least is communication! this is one of the crucial things in Svein! communication between each element that is part of the project. What we avoid is miscommunication and mismatches with the brief, as much as possible we minimize this through communication.

"For awesome and spot-on outcomes, it’s super important to have crystal-clear communication from all sides, ensuring everyone’s stoked about the end result!"

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